ennea is a multi level line-completion puzzle game (MLLCPG). Complete the lines of ennea balls below the grass line. Complete the lines by navigating and rotating the falling ennea balls. Each completed line below the grass line will let the water rise. If the water reaches the grass line you win!

Completed Lines above the grass line will not let the water rise so don’t stack to high! Be aware that the water will only rise if a line below the grass line is completed.

Watch the video and see it in action!


You can navigate the falling ennea balls left or right by sliding your finger left or right anywhere on the playfield!

You can speed up the falling balls by swiping your finger downwards anywhere on the playfield. If you want to slow down just swipe upwards!

You can rotate the falling ennea balls by tipping anywhere on the playfield. Tipping left of the falling ennea balls will rotate left and vice versa.

ennea balls

ennea will challenge you with random ball combinations in a 3 x 3 matrix. The balls come in different flavors and colors. Specials balls spice up the game – Check them out!

REGULAR BALL – comes in many colors and combinations

THE BOMB – for each completed line you will gain two bombs. You can use the bombs to correct faulty lines or throw them at special balls to collect extra scores or trigger special events.

ATOMIC BALL – throw a bomb at an atomic ball and the whole line will be destroyed.

THUNDER BALL – throw a bomb at a thunder ball and it will rain special balls on your playfield.

BONUS SIGNS – collect bonus signs to boost your highscore

LONG BALL – this will turn the next two falling ball combinations into lines of three balls

MULTIPLIER BALL – collect these to multiply your bonus score

STAR BALL – bomb this ball and get a superstar ball combination

SUPER STAR – collect three of them to win a special level

Levels and Scoring

Get as many points as possible – Boost your highscore by throwing bombs at special balls or just use them to correct faulty lines!

If you manage to collect 3 super stars you will get a special bonus level where you can push your score even higher. Use this level to collect as many points as you can – the good thing is – you can’t loose in this level!

Submit your scores and compete against other players on the online ennea scoreboard.

Latest updates

ennea is available in version 1.1.2 adding more features for to the game.

  • Compete against other ennea players in the world
  • Submit your scores to the online ennea scoreboard
  • Easy to learn – the perfect casual game
  • Four different skill levels
  • Pause and continue gaming at any point
  • Win special levels by collecting stars
  • Pinball like bonus system
  • Trashy old school sound effects
  • Get challenged by random ball combinations in a 3 x 3 matrix
  • Tweet your scores
  • Faster gameplay in higher levels
  • Support of eastern characters in scoreboard

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