AirBus is a simple balance driving game. You can drive your AirBus by tilting your iPhone or iPod Touch left and right. To win a level you need to hit the cruising hot air balloons by launching small balloons from your AirBus. But watch out for falling objects and other enemies. So get on the AirBus and enjoy the ride!

Tips and Tricks

First you should know that reloading new balloons in your Bus is costly and decreasing the points you already have by 250 points. We know that this might be a bit hard, but it should avoid that players are launching balloons like hell instead of launching it more precisely. However we are thinking about a solution where the reload of balloons will be cheaper in the first place and getting more expensive the more you are reloading in a level. I guess this will be more fair to all of us.

For the ones who has identified that bad habit of the red-cross balloons I should say that the purpose with this feature was again to avoid launching balloons like hell without control what to hit. So be careful and don’t hit the red-cross balloons. They will give up only if you are hit by a sand sack, crossed a black hole or you survided the attack long enough.

Each 2.500 points you will get a repair icon on your road the next time a red sand sack is falling down. This will repair one of the Busses you have lost before; like an extra life. If you have still 4 Busses left it won’t be a repair icon but a red-cross box. Collecting this box will turn all red-cross balloons, which are not angry with you, into bonus balloons. A good way to collect more points.

What are these crazy flags on the left side changing all the time? Well this is the bonus you will get when the level is finished. Over time you will lose time bonus. This is forcing you to speed up a bit finishing levels.  But there is always a chance to refill the time bonus by hitting birds, collecting a star bonus on the street or hit bonus hot-air balloons.

Good luck